Spur Road, Freetown

Teko Road, Makeni

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  • Cultural Village Experience

    Some rural villages in Sierra Leone take their traditions very seriously.


    Whilst some have tried to modernise, often to their detriment, there are some villages, often tucked away just out of sight, that proudly maintain their traditions and flourish surprisingly strongly.


    These places are beautiful, walk down their wide streets with all manner of fruits and flowers growing everywhere you look. The people are friendly and eager to host you. The smell of fresh food wafts down the roads and alleys, and local craftsmen ply their trade in the open air.


    We have carefully selected towns in the North (near Makeni) and South (near Bo) where we can go to rediscover these long lost arts. Activities including weaving, fishing, hunting, palm wine tapping, learning about medicinal use of plants, traditional secret societies and music and dance culture. There are a lot of different things you can do here - one of our favourite things to do in Sierra Leone!

    • Pricing

      Prices may vary based on numbers, seasonality, and other specifications.

    • Meeting Point

      Freetown (2 hours travel time) or Makeni/Bo (30 minutes)

    • Seasonality

      September - July

    • Duration

      1-2 Days